Monday, June 25, 2012


Hey! Sorry it’s been so long, I really thought I was just done with this blog, when something interesting finally happened in my life!
 I missed the last day of school to go on TOUR TO SAN FRANCISCO!!! I had so much fun, and I got to do a lot of fun stuff!

I had to wake up at 4:30 AM to be at the airport by 5:00!

After a long (1 hour) flight, We got to eat at Westfield San Francisco Centre. We all got to spend $10 on food. They had many choices, but I felt like trying something new. So I ate at Chipotle ( They have HUGE and THICK burritos, tacos, and salads) I got the burrito bowl 6.55 and a small soda 1.75 With Tax it was 9.01, so I ended up with .99 to spend on whatever! After that we went on our awesome tour bus to Justin Herman Plaza to set up for a performance. ( I was in charge of setting up the speakers) After  a rockin’ performance, we went to go sight see at the golden gate bridge.

After that we went to check in at our hotel in Oakland (We stayed at the Days Hotel)
then we went to Rossmoor Walnut Creek, which is some sort of Retirement place. We ate  subway sandwiches and cookies. Then preformed (After setting up, speakers became my permanent job)  Then
 went to the hotel, and me, my roommate, and two other friends watched river monsters and some other show I cant remember the name of.

Day 2 
We ate breakfast at the hotel, Then went to the Exploratorium (We crossed the bay bridge many times during this tour by the way!)

After that we went to... GHIRADELLI SQUARE!!!  We did a performance, then we got to spend $10 at Ghiradelli Square. We ate at the pub. I got BBQ chicken.

We then got 2 hours of free time, and I got...

A Ghiradelli Chocolate covered cone, and a Ghiradelli chocolate scoop ice cream.

I Spent a lot of money!

Then we went to Pier 39! We had a HUGE Audience! There were tons of tourists and everything and everyone! Everyone loved he “Pants on the ground’ Street dance! That was defiantly our best performance. We got to spend $10 for dinner again. I ate at Jonny Rockets

We also got yummy mini doughnuts!

We even went shopping in a place called “Only in San francisco”  I got a magnet bookmark with a picture of a sea lion, and 4 mini magnets of different places in san fran.   And we went to a different shop and got cute black shorts/short sweats that say, city by the bay San Francisco and have an out line of the golden gate bridge!  Then we went back to the hotel, same routine.

Day 3
We woke up, ate breakfast in the hotel, then went to SIX FLAGS!!! When we got there we did a performance, then went on rides, so I didn’t take my camera. There rides were so much fun and much better than Lagoon, and a lot scarier!
For lunch I had a Huge corn dog, and some dippin’ dots. Then went to the hotel, had pizza and a cold pool party. It was so cold and the water wasn’t heated so I didn’t want to get in so I got some of my friends to come over in my hotel room and watch harry potter 7 part 2 (The only good show on at the time) and during commercials we had to explain to one girl (Mckenna) The whole story of harry potter!

Day 4
We woke up, ate breakfast at hotel, then Kim, our main teacher read us a Poem about every thing that happened during tour. It was really fun, funny, and I wish I recorded it! Then we went to the jelly belly factory. We performed there, then got a tour. They game us sports beans and a crayon full of one flavored jelly beans.

All the pictures are made of jelly beans! (Including the duck)

We ate there, I got a bean shaped burger and chips.

After That we went to the airport, I had dinner at Chiles 2 (@ the airport)
Then took off. I got home At around 10:00!


  1. I’m so glad you’re blogging again! I’ve missed your cute posts and great pictures. I wish we all would’ve just driven to San Francisco so we could’ve been a part of this great adventure! Very cool to have explored and performed in SF at the young age of 11. It’s something you will remember forever. I love you and love watching you perform. You light up the stage!

  2. Hadley, this blog is wonderful and I can see where you have your mom's talent for blogging. How fun to be able to perform at the age of 11. I love watching you and you definitely 'light up' the stage! Keep blogging!
    Love you!

  3. I thought you were done blogging too! I'm just glad you started up again!