Tuesday, August 9, 2011


This summer has been so fun, these are some of the activities I have done the past couple of weeks!


We also went to a drive-in and watched The Smurfs! 

morgan has also been busy doing cheer! This is a video and picture of her doing it!

We also went to see some abandonded trains and toke some pics., and we went on and inside all of them (There was one train that had spray paint  and a scary looking stuffed animal dog SO SCARY!! Does not seem like it would be scary but it was!)

Here are the Pictures!

My Family

Sylvie and me

and that’s all for today!

Monday, August 1, 2011

This week...

This week my parents went out of town for 3 days to San Francisco! So Jack and Ryan Went over to their friends house, I went over to my cousin avery’s house, and Griffin went to our cousin Nixon’s house, and Morgan and Mia stayed with my grandma!  When I was at avery’s The first night we had my over cousin come over to! We were bored so we started to do photos of each other Here they are!

This is Matisse, Mackenzie, Me and avery!

avery, Matisse, and me

Me, matisse, and avery

avery,Matisse, and Me being weird!

avery pretending to be a vampire and Matisse ummmm I don’t know what she was trying to be!

we also went to liberty park!Here are some pictures of us there!




This is all of us seeing who could be the last sitting in this freezing cold water! ( P.S. Mackenzie won)

I finally went on my first Farris wheel P.S. way to slow!

The beautiful garden!

Sadly that was my last picture, after that pic. my camera ran out of space so thats all for now!