Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Murray park!

Today we went to the  Murray Park. There were tire swings, swings, slides, and LOTS of stuff that could spin!

The sign.


Griffin and Mia

Morgan and Me.

Like I said there were LOTS of stuff to spin on (When we got home my brother thought he was going to be Sick!) Here are pics. of us on them.



Ryan, Me, And Jack.

Jack,Ryan,Griffin and Me!(My dad is spinning us!)

There was also A FLOOD!
Here are some pics. (I’ll describe them)

Just look at all the sand bags!

It’s supposed to stop at the fence, So there was a little pond there!

The sand bags are the only things keeping it up!

This picture shows how the flood wrapped around the whole neighborhood!

These trees are supposed to be tall not half of the trunk in water!

This is a bridge, the water is over the hole that lets the water go through!

The other side of the bridge.


  1. It was the perfect summer night for an outing to the park. You got some great pictures of all of the flooding!

  2. Wow, I had no idea the flooding was so bad at Murray Park. Looks like you had so much fun and I love your pictures! I will have to get some copies of them!