Sunday, July 24, 2011

Raging Waters!

On Friday the 22 I went to Raging waters with my family and my cousin.  It was so much fun We went on all the rides that you can go on with tubes, Jack and Ryan did most of the slides that you can do with a mat/pad.
(My mom had to stay with the little kids so she didn’t get a lot of pictures of us but she still got some!)

My cousin avery, and me

There was also a little “thing” called the snake by the kiddy pool it was surprisingly fun!




Jack taking a risk in his clothes 

After we went to raging waters My cousin decided to stay the night! we decided to do a craft, So we painted picture frames! Here are different angles my picture frame with a pic. of us in it!
(I didn’t think of taking pics. of them before she left so I didn’t get a picture of her’s!)

That’s all for now!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Beehive House

Sorry I havn’t been able to do alot of posts lately I’ve been SOOOOO busy! So here is what happened on Friday the 15...

I went to tour the beehive house with my activity day group!
Here are some pics.

The Office/Work room

The Safe

Some Tools

A language he made up

Tons of umbrellas

Brigham Young’s original hat and cane


The music room

The Harp

The violin and piano

This is an original piece of the curtains! (A daughter cut this out and put it in her journal)

They had Beehives on all the railing

This was my Favorite part...All the little china

They had a family store here are some pics.

The fountains

The group photo

Me standing by a sign wear my t-shirt for Vincent team orthodontist P.S. best ortho. ever

I also went boating and had a family reunion However sadly I don’t have any pics. So thats all!

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Today was a rainy day.  So that means go inside and read a book or some thing.  However  to Jack, Ryan, and me it means go outside and jump on the tramp all day! We spent our day going outside to jump on the tramp and doing peanut rolls, flips, front and back handsprings.  We got SOOOO wet!  My dad got some really cool pics once the rain stopped:(   At least we got some cool pics of the rainbow!

Here are some pictures!