Sunday, October 28, 2012

Mexico: Part Two

      we spent the rest of the days at the pool and beach. When it was time to go back to Utah, I was ready. I really enjoyed the trip, i was just really anxious to get across the border and be able to drink CLEAN water, brush my teeth easily, (not using a water bottle for the water!) we got everything ready to go, and started to leave.Like 10 minutes later, the car started to get really bumpy, and my dad told us that something was wrong with the car! we pulled over to ask for a mechanic, and they led us to a small garage type lace. the guy came and told us it is fiesta time, or something like that (there lunch break)They said it would take a day to get it fixed, because he had a car in front of us. So we had to get a motel in a sketchy part of town

The mechanic doing math on a costumers car in front of us (price)

so we had to wait in this awesome place with an even better view! 

And of course we had the amazing homework we had to do!

The next day we were anxiously waiting for our car, when my mom got a text from my dad saying:
Get another hotel room, the cars still not fixed! So we had to wait another day, at least we got to eat at a yummy place with Delicious sandwiches.

finally we got our car fixed and got home,

 just in time for school on Tuesday (we missed Monday!)

Well... Until next Time!

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  1. Hadley do you have any american girl dolls or have herd about them?