Sunday, October 28, 2012

Mexico: Part Two

      we spent the rest of the days at the pool and beach. When it was time to go back to Utah, I was ready. I really enjoyed the trip, i was just really anxious to get across the border and be able to drink CLEAN water, brush my teeth easily, (not using a water bottle for the water!) we got everything ready to go, and started to leave.Like 10 minutes later, the car started to get really bumpy, and my dad told us that something was wrong with the car! we pulled over to ask for a mechanic, and they led us to a small garage type lace. the guy came and told us it is fiesta time, or something like that (there lunch break)They said it would take a day to get it fixed, because he had a car in front of us. So we had to get a motel in a sketchy part of town

The mechanic doing math on a costumers car in front of us (price)

so we had to wait in this awesome place with an even better view! 

And of course we had the amazing homework we had to do!

The next day we were anxiously waiting for our car, when my mom got a text from my dad saying:
Get another hotel room, the cars still not fixed! So we had to wait another day, at least we got to eat at a yummy place with Delicious sandwiches.

finally we got our car fixed and got home,

 just in time for school on Tuesday (we missed Monday!)

Well... Until next Time!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Mexico: Part One

Last week we went to Mexico! My grandpa got us a hotel room at the Mayan palace for my grandmas 70th birthday! It was a super long trip. We drove for 10 hours to get to Phoenix, then in the morning we drove the rest of the way.

we had an amazing view!

We got there in the afternoon so we had time to go swimming,

 and (after lots of begging) went to the beach, and stayed there until dinner. for dinner we went out to this restaurant/bar and enjoyed the more carbonated pop and stared at the water glasses.

A band came over to our table and started to play some songs to us. After they play about 5 songs, they told us that it was $5 a song! After my dad paid him 5, and my uncle paid him $3 and we told him to tell us the price before you start playing. After that a balloon animal guy came over and made us all balloon animals.
My heart with a poodle on the bottom.

After that we went to the store and got pop, and 4 big bottles of purified water, then it was off to bed.

The next day was my grandmas birthday.we all wore shirts that on the front said you got to love it baby! and had a photo of her as a 4 year old. on the back it said mrs.jazz (because she is the Utah jazz’s number one fan! and it had the numbers 70 under it. 

I also got my hair braided that day. That had been a tradition I kept (except the last trip).
I didn’t remember how bad it hurt, mainly because it normally doesn’t hurt .however this time it really seemed to hurt. Mia was next in line to get her hair done, and Mia is a total soft head, so I had to act like it didn’t hurt. When it was Mia’s turn, she said it didn’t hurt at all, just took a very long time!

Later that evening, we went to eat at a place outside of the resort.  When we were eating we saw a few cockroaches on the floor, we ran around like crazy trying to get away from them, when finally my dad said we had to sit down and eat so we did. As I was eating, I saw that everyone was staring at me, and a started to feel something tickle on my head. I stood up and whacked something off my head, and to my surprise, there was a giant cockroach on the floor next to me, after that i was just done! I went down to the sand and saw lots of cockroaches poking out of the sand! I just went crazy. After what seemed like forever,we went to go continue the party.

And of course it wouldn’t be a Fiesta without a pinata!

I got hit in the head with it!

then we did the decades game, Mexican chocolate cake, and ice cream.

the next day we woke up early to go on a boat to bird’s island. My grandpa paid for all of us, and it was the highlight of the trip! We went knee high up in the water to go into a small fishing boat to take us to the double Decker boat.

 the boat was awesome! they had amazing fruit punch and almost no one went on the deck so they had lounge chairs and 3 or 4 chairs, so it had a lot of space.when we got there the first thing we did was go on a water taxi where the sea lions came up really close! then we went kayaking with 3 people and 2 kayak paddles. I went with my grandma and cousin. At first i was really scared, because these huge creatures would yawn and show there teeth, then go under our kayak! after a while I was okay with this, and just focused on the little pups swimming by us. And every time one went close to us I put my paddle in the air, because I was scared that if i paddled i would hit it in the head and it would not forgive me... After that I wanted to go snorkeling and swim with them, but they said it was time to go . My brother and I pleaded with the and they said we could jump in for 3 seconds, them come back out. it felt so good to jump in and the water was so warn that it didn’t even feel cold when I got out.

              When we got back, we spent the rest of the day (until night) in the warm beach.
Later that night, my uncle did karaoke, and sang it in a goofy voice!

The next day we did water aerobics, which was a ton of fun, especially splashing the instructor (all we were doing was doing the push the water enthusiastically!)  Mia also changed all our names, and wouldn’t  respond to any one unless you called her livvy, olivia, princess, flower, or seal. ( her full name was olivia princess flower seal. she changed my name to carly Rae seal and griffins name to peanut gallery seal, my dads name to eagle prince seal, my mom to lucy and my grampas name to joe joe. oh and we ordered yummy nachos during (: happy hour! :)

The next day we went to the beach until dinner, when we went to this restaurant  with a bunch of stray dogs and got bracelets.

Oh, and I wore my swim shirt every day, so I got an amazing shirt tan line

To be Continued...