Thursday, July 7, 2011

How to play sardines!

So I don’t have anymore room in my camera so I can’t do any pics. until my mom gets back from Las Vegas. So I’ll tell you what happened today. We had a sitter (and are going to have one for 2 more days)  My brothers invited there friends over and we played Sardines! Here's how you play it!

Step one. Choose someone to be it.
Step two. ”It” hides when everyone else counts to 60.
Step three. Everyone tries to find “it”
Step four. Once you find”it” you quietly go and hide with them.
Step five. The first person that finds “it’ is “it’ next!

It’s a really fun game I think you should try it some time!
That is about all we did today so ya have a rockin' day

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  1. yeah it is a really fun game! i am glad you are telling everyone how to play so people can have fun without the t.v. and computer!~Rilee